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PatternDefault - Class in wtf.choco.veinminer.pattern
The default VeinMiningPattern implementation used by all players unless explicitly set.
PatternRegistry - Class in wtf.choco.veinminer.pattern
A registry to register any custom implementations of VeinMiningPattern.
PatternRegistry() - Constructor for class wtf.choco.veinminer.pattern.PatternRegistry
PICKAXE - wtf.choco.veinminer.tool.ToolCategory
Represents a pickaxe of various materials.
PlayerSwitchPatternEvent - Class in wtf.choco.veinminer.api.event
Called when a player updates their vein mining pattern through the use of the /veinminer pattern command.
PlayerSwitchPatternEvent(Player, VeinMiningPattern, VeinMiningPattern) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.veinminer.api.event.PlayerSwitchPatternEvent
PlayerVeinMineEvent - Class in wtf.choco.veinminer.api.event
Called when VeinMiner is activated for a set of blocks.
PlayerVeinMineEvent(Player, VeinBlock, ToolCategory, Set<Block>, VeinMiningPattern) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.veinminer.api.event.PlayerVeinMineEvent
precedence(TemplatePrecedence) - Method in class wtf.choco.veinminer.tool.template.TemplateValidator.ValidatorBuilder
Set the precedence to be used.
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