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addBlockToOwnership(LockedBlock) - Method in class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.LSPlayer
Add a block to this player's ownership.
addCustomChart(Metrics.CustomChart) - Method in class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.Metrics
Adds a custom chart.
addEnchantment(Enchantment, int) - Method in class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.ItemBuilder
Add an Enchantment with a given level to the item
addFlags(ItemFlag...) - Method in class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.ItemBuilder
Add ItemFlags to the item
AdvancedBarChart(String, Callable<Map<String, int[]>>) - Constructor for class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.Metrics.AdvancedBarChart
Class constructor.
AdvancedPie(String, Callable<Map<String, Integer>>) - Constructor for class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.Metrics.AdvancedPie
Class constructor.
allowDataModifications() - Method in enum me.choco.locksecurity.api.KeyFactory.KeyType
Whether or not Key ID values are able to be applied to this key type or not
applyCustomMeta(Class<T>, Consumer<T>) - Method in class me.choco.locksecurity.utils.general.ItemBuilder
Apply a function from a specific implementation of ItemMeta.
AutoSaveLoop - Class in me.choco.locksecurity.utils
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