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addAlchemicalArrow(AlchemicalArrowEntity) - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.registry.ArrowRegistry
Add an AlchemicalArrowEntity to the in-world alchemical arrow tracker.
addAlchemicalCauldron(AlchemicalCauldron) - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.registry.CauldronManager
addIngredient(Material) - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.crafting.AlchemicalCauldron
addIngredient(Material, int) - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.crafting.AlchemicalCauldron
addIngredient(Material, int) - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.crafting.CauldronRecipe
AlchemicalArrow - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.api
Represents the base of an alchemical arrow with special effects upon hitting a block, entity or player
AlchemicalArrow() - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.api.AlchemicalArrow
AlchemicalArrowEntity - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.api
Represents an in-world AlchemicalArrow implementation.
AlchemicalArrowEntity(AlchemicalArrow, Arrow) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.api.AlchemicalArrowEntity
Construct a new instance of AlchemicalArrowEntity given a type and arrow
AlchemicalArrowEvent - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.api.event
An abstract event that involves an AlchemicalArrowEntity
AlchemicalArrows - Class in wtf.choco.arrows
The entry point of the AlchemicalArrows plugin and its API
AlchemicalArrows() - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.AlchemicalArrows
AlchemicalArrowShootEvent - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.api.event
Called when an alchemical arrow has been shot.
AlchemicalArrowShootEvent(AlchemicalArrowEntity, ProjectileSource) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.api.event.AlchemicalArrowShootEvent
Construct a new AlchemicalArrowShootEvent
AlchemicalCauldron - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.crafting
AlchemicalCauldron(Block) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.crafting.AlchemicalCauldron
ALLOW_INFINITY - Static variable in class wtf.choco.arrows.api.property.ArrowProperty
A boolean valued property determining whether the infinity enchantment is permitted or not
ArrowProperty<T> - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.api.property
Represents a single-value property held by an AlchemicalArrow
ArrowProperty(NamespacedKey, Class<T>, T) - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.api.property.ArrowProperty
Construct a new ArrowProperty given an ID, type and default value
ArrowRegistry - Class in wtf.choco.arrows.registry
A registration class that holds information about AlchemicalArrow implementations as well as their in-world representations, AlchemicalArrowEntity
ArrowRegistry() - Constructor for class wtf.choco.arrows.registry.ArrowRegistry
attemptToHeatUp() - Method in class wtf.choco.arrows.crafting.AlchemicalCauldron
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